May 022014

French band Red Beans & Pepper Sauce serve up a treat here with a funky version of Motörhead’s iconic ‘Ace Of Spades’. And as usual with songs that are so ingrained in people’s minds, it’s always great to hear someone put a whole different spin on a song that you’ve probably heard a million times.

So, this version then, it’s certainly not as absurd as the version by Paska (which frankly scared me the first time I heard it). Nor is it as rousing as the soulful reinterpretation by Eli Paperboy Reed And The True Loves. But it delivers on offering up a song everyone loves in a brand new way, and along the way the French outfit make it less of a headbanger and turn it into something you can shake your moneymaker to. Also, check out the video which has the band doing many a Lemmy impression, Jack Daniels bottle and all.

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