Apr 242014

Pharrell William’s “Happy” is one of those instantly catchy, ultimately forgettable pop songs that somehow find their into your head and get stuck there, even if you don’t listen to Top 40. The song is well written and produced, it has hooks and, as much as you might try and resist, it kind of makes you feel…happy.

The John Butler Trio sat down to record a live version of “Happy” for Australian radio station Triple J. With a battered, acoustic 12-string, bass and drums, the main riff comes to the forefront. The song is instantly funkier and more down-home than the Pharrell version. As with the original, the hand clap, sing-along section may be more than needed, but hey, sometimes that’s just part of feeling good. Watch the John Butler Trio get “Happy” below.

Get the latest on John Butler Trio at their website.

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