Apr 112014

Leave it to one of contemporary music’s most innovative artists to remind us that legendary songs can be powerful in any musical style. David Bowie’s “Heroes” got a soulful update courtesy of R&B artist Janelle Monáe as part of a new Pepsi ad campaign. Bowie and Monáe both represent the innovation of sound and identity through blurring the lines of genre, style and gender, so it only makes sense that their paths would cross in such an awesome way.

Monáe picks up the pace on this Bowie classic, trading in the original soaring guitars for pulsating synths and hypnotic backing vocals. It takes the song from a rocking testament to a new age dance party. Monáe’s version may not convey the same desperate defiance as the original, but it still reveals just how amazing “Heroes” was to begin with. Simple lyrics and epic melodies create the perfect soundtrack for standing tall while the world crumbles around you.

Check out more from Janelle Monáe on her website.

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