Jan 072014

Old And In The Way was the gateway album for legions of dedicated Deadheads into the world of bluegrass. The 1975 album’s personnel was a perfect pairing of old and new: Vassar Clements, David Grisman, Peter Rowan, John Kahn and Jerry Garcia. If it was Garcia’s presence – playing banjo, by the way – that boosted sales, it was the chemistry of the group and their musicianship, along with song selection, that kept people listening.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, newgrass jamband Railroad Earth paid tribute to Old And In The Way by bringing Peter Rowan onstage for a recreation of the original album. The 10 songs are full of fiddles, foot tapping and sing-alongs. Though it doesn’t break new ground, the Railroad Earth and company set is a loving nod to their forefathers. Listen to the full set below:

Find out what Railroad Earth are up to at their website.

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