Dec 172013

Jordan Corey is no stranger to Cover Me. The singer/songwriter has been on our radar since the inception of our On The ‘Tube feature and has been on a roll ever since. Corey has never produced a holiday cover song before, deeming the classics “so perfect and almost untouchable,” but when an old high school friend asked if she would shoot a video for his Dad’s tree farm, she couldn’t resist and churned out this stunning rendition of “White Christmas.”

“Going into the studio with [co-producer] Ian, we wanted to make the classic sound current, while maintaining the nostalgia “White Christmas” evokes. I was really inspired by the “high school gospel choir” sound – I think it’s so pure, imperfect, and powerful,” Corey said about the cover. And we think this soulful Bay-area native did just that.


Check out more of Jordan Corey’s music over on her official website.


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