Nov 212013

Andre Mistier formed The Adversary after a trip to Burning Man, so for their first cover what better artist to choose than the Flaming Lips – basically the Burning Man of bands? Mistier, formerly of alt-rock quartet Ism, chose “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.” The narrative of the song overlaps with the dark post-apocalyptic dreamscape the group explore on their debut EP Chapter 1: The Ruins.

“I’ve always loved the Flaming Lips and this song in particular,” Mistier tells us. “I don’t really know how the idea to make an electronic cover came to me, or how I got into the idea of part of the song being sung by Yoshimi herself. But once I did, the song immediately became a kind of electronic lullaby to me. The world’s falling apart, but Yoshimi is here to make everything alright.”

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  1. I think it’s hauntingly better than the original.

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