Jul 182013

“Samm Bennett is the kind of musical genius we see only once every 100 years.”

That’s how Samm Bennett suggested I start this post. And while it’s perhaps a slight exaggeration, it’s true that he delivers something different and unexpected with every cover he does (see these). On this “Suffragette City” cover – recorded as part of a MetaFilter project – he continues a long tradition of wresting music from unusual and obscure instruments. Witness the instrumentation difference:

David Bowie’s “Suffragette City”: Guitar, piano, bass, drums, synthesizer.

Samm Bennett’s “Suffragette City”: Cigar box guitar with only one string, late ’70s Roland synthesizer, a children’s marching drum, a mini tambourine.

The video continues the otherwordly vibe, like an unexplainable dream Dale Cooper might have had in Twin Peaks. It’s Samm and a mysterious doll, filmed through what looks like a door peephole. Check it out below, exclusively at Cover Me.

Check out more from Samm Bennett at Polarity Records.

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