Jun 142013

UK-based Strangers are no stranger (sorry) to emotional, heavy songs. After collaborating with producer Dimitri Tikovoi for their new single “Something New,” frontman David Maddox-Jones became a fan of Mikky Ekko, with whom Tikovoi has also been working. Ekko is the male counterpart of Rihanna‘s pleading ballad “Stay,” and with the Nashville-singer fresh on Maddox-Jones’ mind, Strangers decided to bring their own spin to the song.

While Rihanna’s song is bare-boned and harrowing, Strangers round out the tune with atmospheric synth, creating more of an adoration as opposed to agony. The cover is also available as a free download, so grab it while you can.

See what else Strangers are up to on their official website.

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