Apr 042013

It’s little surprise that the state of Texas and the AV Club went to Balmorhea for an installment of their “State Songs” series – after all, the band shares its name with a small West Texas town, as well as a state park. Here, though, they visit another notable spot – the Waco Mammoth Site, home to an ice-age trove of mammoth fossils.

The setting is perfect for the band’s cover of Robert Earl Keen’s “So I Can Take My Rest,” just as perfect as the band is for the song. They switch up the tempo and the rhythm of Keen’s original, and somehow manage to take Keen’s style of country out of it and put their own back in, a peacefully sprawling, orchestral kind of country that is neither more nor less than the quiet grit of Keen’s original. It’s the same song, transformed without forgetting, and is certainly worth a listen. Enjoy. (via AV Club.)

Check out more from Balmorhea at their website.

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