Mar 222013

It’s that wonderful time of year when artists swing by the A.V. Club offices and take their pick of songs to cover. It seems that there’s a great season ahead, having been kicked off by Yo La Tengo taking on The Supremes‘ “Come See About Me”.

At the outset, Ira Kaplan attests to a desire to strip away the Motown “girl group” aesthetic. With characteristic lilting vocals, a persistent drumbeat, and beach-dream guitars, YLT does just that and brings a solid, beautiful cover. That being said, it’s a cover that somehow doesn’t equal the sum of its parts, a cover that simply applies different mediums to the existing structure. Perhaps it’s a testament to the strength and power of those “girl group” elements, or perhaps to the high expectations put on a band like Yo La Tengo. Regardless, the combination and juxtaposition make it well worth a listen. Enjoy. (via A.V. Club)

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