Oct 112012

Composed of brothers James and Andy Ralph, the band Writer is on the rise. The surf-pop-meets-fuzzy-lo-fi-rock duo has toured with the likes of Cults and Margo & The Nuclear So & Sos and will be releasing their LP Brotherface in late October via 3 Syllables. In anticipation of this release, Writer has also released a song and video of their rendition of Santigold‘s “Disparate Youth.”

Video artist E. Lee Smith (who also directed the video for the first single off of Brotherface, “Hot Days”), has a lo-fi aesthetic that compliments the crunchy guitars and distorted reverbs of Writer’s take on the original. The video features graffiti in their new homebase of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, where the brothers just relocated to from San Diego, California. The song and the video are a completely different beast from anything we’ve heard from Santigold, but that makes it all the better.

Check out more of the Brothers Ralph on their official website.

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