Oct 162012

LP, who delivered that amazing “Halo,” covers the Mars Volta on ukulele. As if that wasn’t weird enough…it was performed in a bat cave (quietly, I would imagine).

As we’ve seen, few do the cover-video game as well as Wilderthorn. Each video is unique, inventive, and moving, and their Paralympic-inspired take on Bowie’s “Heroes” is no exception.

For a generally poppy band, Metric do go old-school on their covers. First Buffalo Springfield, now Willie Nelson (and everyone else) with “Always on My Mind” on Triple J. Also from the Aussie power-station, Missy Higgins covers her tourmate Gotye…but not the song you think.

Blind Nurses’ stop-motion and flaming-cangle “Burn It Down” video is ridiculous and low-budget as heck, but the zany energy is infectious. Plus it’s a Linkin Park song, so you gotta have some fun with it.

“[Mescalin] users typically experience visual hallucinations and radically altered states of consciousness, often experienced as pleasurable and illuminating but occasionally is accompanied by feelings of anxiety or revulsion.” The video for Mescalin Baby’s Chemical Brothers cover does about the same.

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