Aug 242012

Every digital-age music aficionado is familiar with the “pay what you can” concept that many indie bands are utilizing to get their music out there (and hopefully get paid to do so.) The Good Natured decided to try a different approach when offering their rendition of Fine Young Cannibals‘ 1989 chart-topper “She Drives Me Crazy” – for just a tweet, you get a free download of the tune. If you haven’t fallen in love with U.K. based The Good Natured, be prepared to do so once you listen to this cover.

Described as a bedroom cover, the tune is instantly recognizable as the 80s jam we all know and love. Singer Sarah McIntosh’s soft and dreamy vocals sound fantastic over the simple snare and synth arrangements. It’s no Kermit the Frog and Ozzy Osbourne, but we over here at Cover Me are quite the fans.

If you would like to download the tune, head over to their official website and send out a tweet.

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