May 312012

The Replacements released one of their most successful albums in 1984 and called it Let It Be. It didn’t seem to matter that The Beatles already took the name, but that’s the type of attitude the Replacements were known for – to be daring and kind of dumb. Let It Be was their fourth album, and by this point the band decided to expand their sound from punk. While they didn’t abandon their roots altogether — Let It Be is far from polished, and has tracks like “Gary’s Got a Boner,” and “Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out,” — there are songs that showed an incredibly insightful side to Paul Westerberg’s writing, which is where “Answering Machine” lies.

The most obvious distinction between Scout’s version and the original is the attitude. The song may be about the ills of being away from the one you love, but Scout’s version comes across with a more obvious vulnerability, making it much more delicate than the original. Perhaps it’s because Ashen Keilyn is, traditionally, a better singer than Paul, maybe all of the instruments in the band were tuned before recording, or maybe she wasn’t drunk, like the Replacements so often were. Whatever the reason, the cover does a fine job in capturing the lyrics, and might appeal to those who want something a little more put together. Download below.

Scout – Answering Machine (The Replacements cover)

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