Apr 302012

Pop quiz: What’s more awesome than an all-girl rock band? Answer: An Asian-American all-girl rock band performing a kick-ass cover of Britney Spears’sHold It Against Me.” World, meet Nylon Pink, a talented Hollywood-based pop-rock quintet claiming it’s the only all Asian-American female rock band in the States.

But even better than the fact that they may truly be one-of-a-kind is that the girls really don’t mess around, as evidenced by their cover of “Hold It Against Me.” Jamie Scoles’s heavy drumwork, Kiki Wongo’s skilled guitar-shredding, and the fact that you wouldn’t expect a single one of these tiny girls to be a hardcore rocker all help make this cover entertaining to watch. See for yourself below!

Check out more from Nylon Pink on the band’s website.

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