Apr 052012

Iceland’s Lily and Fox first popped up on our radar last December, when she released her airy cover of “Nightcall,” the opening music for the film Drive. Now the songstress, real name Hildur Kristín, is back with a similarly floaty take on Interpol’s “Obstacle 1.” Kristín shows the influence of her current home, Japan, on her minimalist cover of the Turn on the Bright Lights track.

The strongest element of the cover is undoubtedly Kristín’s performance on the Japanese koto harp. She transforms Interpol’s dark, dreary guitars into a staccato backdrop for her fragile soprano vocals. The track is a complete 180, clearing away the gloom of Interpol for a brighter, more wistful sound. Check out her video for the cover below.

Lily and Fox- Obstacle 1 (Interpol cover)

Check out more from Lily and Fox at her website or Facebook.

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