Apr 192012

We all know that Rod Stewart‘s rendition of “Forever Young” is a cover of Bob Dylan (well, basically) so it always seems right to classify any cover of the song as a cover of a cover, or a cover of a minor re-write. Sacramento-based singer songwriters of Golden Youth have produced quite a cover of a cover, stripping down the song that was in everyone’s graduation video.

The song, which is accompanied by a hipster black and white video, seems to play out more like a reassuring lullaby rather than as an anthem like the original. Although Stephanie Lauren’s vocals seem a little out of range, they oddly harmonize with fellow singer Kyle Monroe’s.

If you liked what you heard, head over to Golden Youth’s Facebook.

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  1. Oh yeah this was a real rocker to begin with….let’s slow it down even more

  2. I’d like to hear this, but link says video is private.

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