Feb 062012

When we posted Walk Off the Earth’s brilliant cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” at the beginning of the year, one commenter wrote, “uugghh. they are lipsyching & guitarsyching to a pre-recording which defeats the purpose of this video.” Well, smart guy, here’s a counter argument: their performance on Ellen.

The Ontario quintet recreate their performance in a live setting, proving that this was no studio trickery. They hit the high notes and keep the rhythm in a performance that remains as awesome as it was when we first heard it. And, yes, the beard guy still rocks. Check it out below.

Walk Off the Earth – Somebody That I Used to Know (Gotye Cover live on Ellen)

Check out more Walk Off the Earth at their website.

  4 Responses to “Walk Off the Earth Bring Five-Person Gotye Cover to Ellen”

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  1. Holy Live Performances, Batman! I was with that commenter: my initial excitement about the songs was tempered by the fact that it was prerecorded, so I wasn’t sure they could actually do it live. Us naysayers have now been schooled.

  2. I still say nay. The guy singing the chorus really can’t hang up there.

  3. I totally loved that performance by Gotye!!! I listen to that song over and over again!

  4. Wow… the chorus is not ok… Otherwise interesting cover of a beautiful song.

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