Jan 042012

In 1988, American alternative rock band Pixies released one of their most widely known tracks, “Where Is My Mind?” Coincidentally, that same year, Sunday Girl – née Jade Williams – was born in the UK. Now that she’s all grown up and growing in popularity as a budding pop artist (she toured with Ellie Goulding back in 2010), she’s been releasing a steady flow of new music lately, including her own rendition of one of Pixies’ biggest hits.

Sunday Girl dressed up the previously rough-around-the-edges alt-rock song with strings, a piano, and her smooth, well-controlled vocals. Like the original, her version lacks unnecessary frills and complication. As a result, it’s an effortless and successful transplant from alternative rock to acoustic pop. Watch her performance of “Where Is My Mind?” below.

Check out more from Sunday Girl on her website.

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  1. I wonder if I am the only one unimpressed by Sunday Girl’s covers. Her/Their cover of Sunscreem’s ‘Love You More’ was uninspired, brought nothing new to the table, and frankly boring. This is more of the same – if not more worthy of eyerolls since it is the Pixies.

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