Jan 092012

While listening to indie hip-hop artist Sage Francis on Turntable.fm, a friend recommended I check out “this British hip-hop dude Sage works with” on his record label. So I track down the above long-bearded U.K. hip-hop, spoken word artist, Scroobius Pip. After listening to the first eight tracks on his new release Distraction Pieces, I was on the beginning of track nine “Feel It” when my wife walked by and heard it. “Who is that doing Kate Bush?” she asked.

Off of Bush’s 1978 album, The Kick Inside, “Feel It” is likely her most direct song about sex. As only she could pull off, the song is both sensual and vulnerable with Bush singing at the grand piano. Scroobius Pip wisely opts to feature Natasha Fox on guest vocals, who sings the song in a similar manner to the original. Pip creates another type of sexual tension in the song with the production and his unique vocal styling as he echoes Fox line for line. The result is one of the best Kate Bush covers you will get your ears on.

Scroobius Pip – Feel It (Kate Bush cover)

Get more information on Scroobius Pip on his website.

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