Jan 302012

Lux’s promotional bio is full of references to your typical ‘90s indie touchstones: Pavement, the Magnetic Fields, Sonic Youth. On their upcoming debut album We Are Not the Same, though, the Seattle duo digs a little deeper into their influences for a cover of Black Tambourine’s “Black Car.” The cover is buried as a hidden bonus track, but we’re happy to bring it to the surface here.

To refresh your memory, Black Tambourine were a twee-pop D.C. quartet that recorded 16 songs in their short career. Lux keeps the DIY aesthetic on lo-fi gem “Black Car,” but adds a dreamy shoegaze guitar haze that washes over the lyrics and melodic bass line. Stream Lux’s “Black Car” below.

Lux – Black Car (Black Tambourine cover) [Cover Me Premiere]

Check out more Lux at their website.

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  1. Damn, I was hoping for a Beck cover

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