Dec 012011

Anyone familiar with Swedish band The Hives might describe them with words like “frantic,” “crazy,” “high octane,” and so on. “Calm” and “dreamy” probably wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice. With Australian brother duo Mrs. Bishop, though, we hear the impossible: The Hives covered as a slow, moody lamentation.

Mrs. Bishop turns the angry, high energy original into an otherworldly and almost mournful duet. Despite being a complete 180 from the original, the cover is somewhat fitting, seeing as the brothers of Mrs. Bishop came to Australia by way of Sweden. The video features the two brothers, Oscar and Hugo, in gauzy black and white. Watch the video and snag the cover below.

Mrs. Bishop – Hates To Say I Told You So (The Hives cover)


Check out more from Mrs. Bishop on their official Facebook page.

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