Nov 012011

Even for them, the Flaming Lips are doing some weird stuff these days. Gummy flash drives? 24-hour songs? Human skulls? By those standards, the cover of the Beatles’ “Revolution” they performed on MTV’s O Music Awards is pretty normal. Wayne Coyne wears an aluminum foil space suit, the band spazzes along behind him, and everything is performed on iPads. So, you know, another day at the office for these guys.

The song was performed as a tribute to Steve Jobs and includes a heartfelt-if-poorly-delivered intro from Yoko Ono. “Like John Lennon, the man I loved dearly, Steve Jobs was a dreamer, a man who changed the world,” she says. Watch the Flaming Lips cover “Revolution” here (jump to 28:50).

Check out more at MTV O Music Awards.

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