Nov 142011

Yet another cover of Kanye West’s “Runaway” has popped up for your enjoyment, just a couple of weeks after the last one we featured by Brooklyn’s Oberhofer. And we don’t mean to belabor the point, but the UK’s Ben Drew created a new rendition of this oft-covered West track that’s too good to miss. The hip hop/soul artist Drew, also known as Plan B, fashioned his cover of the hit with guitarists, back-up singers, and a beatboxer.

Altogether, Drew and the rest of his crew put a nice spin on “Runaway.” The beatboxer provides an awesome backbone of a beat (kind of like in Bon Iver’s Björk cover) and adds in some record-scratch flourishes. Drew handles the vocals with ease, and the song as a whole doesn’t feel as heavy as the original since it’s missing that low synthy bass beat. But in this version, you won’t miss it. Watch for yourself below! (via Billboard)

Check out more from Plan B on his MySpace.

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