Nov 102011

We’ve posted tons of MGMT covers over the years. Covers of “Kids,” “Time to Pretend,” and “Electric Feel.” All these songs have one thing in common: they hail from the band’s acclaimed debut Oracular Spectacular. Last year’s sophomore follow-up Congratulations was met with critical confusion and no such cover love. Until now.

Foxes in Fiction, who we’ve previously heard cover Neil Young and Katy Perry, tackle Congratulations standout “Someone’s Missing.” It was one of the few new songs that folks seemed to get behind immediately and it makes a natural fit with Foxes’ brand of reverby bedroom pop. The video is Instagram-retro and may make you want to give the original another try. Watch “Someone’s Missing” below.

Foxes in Fiction – Someone’s Missing (MGMT cover)

Check out more Foxes in Fiction at his website.

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