Nov 152011

Canadian DJ deadmau5 is, of course, no stranger to samples. So it’s somewhat surprising that he took on Radiohead’s “Codex” without a single clip from the original track. deadmau5, the stage name of mouse-head-wearing artist Joel Zimmerman, toned down the frenetic energy of his live shows for an ambient, computer-based instrumental cover of the King of Limbs track.

Radiohead’s music, centered around Thom Yorke’s keening voice and stark instrumentals, has always expressed isolation in a profound way. deadmau5 captures the loneliness of “Codex” with chilly waves of electronic sound. The track takes on a different tone without the centerpoint of Yorke’s gloomy, vulnerable vocals, yet retains the eerie, distant simplicity of the original. Listen below.

deadmau5 – Codex (Radiohead cover)

Check out more from deadmau5 at his website or Myspace.

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