Oct 202011

“Do you think we’re alone,” a stargazing girl asks at the beginning of this music video. “I wish someone would just send us a sign.” Someone does, but unfortunately the sign is only William Shatner, appearing in the stars to sing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” No doubt this answered all the girl’s questions.

The song comes from his new space-themed covers album Seeking Major Tom, which, despite the goofy premise, is actually quite good. This music video goes pretty far down the campy self-parody route though. The lyrics scroll by, remind you how deep this song is, while zodiac signs battle it out. Then an asteroid strikes the kids (who miraculously survive unscathed) and turns into the CD itself. Watch the ridiculousness below.

William Shatner – Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen cover)

Pick up ‘Seeking Major Tom’ at iTunes or Amazon.

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  1. Yeah I don’t know about the Shater album this is the only song I’ve heard from it, I guess I need to check out more. The lyrics at the bottom really did remind me of how deep the song is, like you said, but every time I hear it (even with Shatner singing it) my memory ALWAYS reverts back to the first 5 minutes of Waynes World.

  2. Strange to change the lyrics : “Bismillah” became “it’s my law!” …

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