Oct 312011

The first CD released by The Postal Service was the 2003 single “Such Great Heights.” The song was written by Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello and featured Iron & Wine doing a cover version on the B-side. The Iron & Wine take was featured on the soundtrack for Garden State and went on to become the wider-known version. Ever since, the song has made the cover rounds. Ben Folds, Rilo Kiley, Streelight Manifesto have all had a go and recently we featured Amanda Palmer and Kim Boekbinder doing a wonderful ukulele version.

Boston based singer/songwriter and musician Tea Leigh is the latest to tackle “Such Great Heights.” She tells Cover Me: “I did the song right after I moved to Boston for a so called ‘love’. You know how that goes.” Born and raised in Texas to an Opera singer parent, Tea’s both delicate and strong voice are excellent compliments to her lo-fi style of production. When asked about the original, “I covered The Postal Service version, but inherently most acoustic covers of that song end up sounding just like Iron & Wine.” Have a listen to Tea’s harmonies and vintage style below. (via The Blue Walrus)

Tea Leigh – Such Great Heights (The Postal Service cover)

You can check out more of Tea’s music on SoundCloud and Facebook.

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