Oct 032011

On Tuesday night, Foo Fighters played “In the Flesh” with Roger Waters on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’s “Pink Floyd Week.” Now, Pearl Jam return to The Wall to polish off the festivities.

Eddie Vedder and co. dusted off an earnest “Mother” cover on the show Friday night. Vedder and guitarist Stone Gossard begin with a basic acoustic performance, before the band kicks in a few minutes later. Watch the video below, then find links to all the previous performances below that.

Pearl Jam – Mother (Pink Floyd cover)

Full Schedule
Monday: The Shins, “Breathe”
Tuesday: Foo Fighters ft. Roger Waters, “In the Flesh”
Wednesday: MGMT, “Lucifer Sam”
Thursday: Dierks Bentley, “Wish You Were Here”
Friday: Pearl Jam, “Mother”

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