Oct 042011

This past March, hip hop lost a legend when veteran rapper, Nate Dogg, passed away at the age of 41. Known for his collaborations with artists such as close friend Snoop Dogg and classic hip hop hits like “Regulate,” Nate Dogg left behind a legacy not soon to be forgotten. In fact, Mainframe Bird – an experimental electronic synth-pop project by Brooklyn’s Matt Cannon – recently honored the late artist with a cover of “High Come Down,” a collab song Nate Dogg recorded with Chico & Coolwadda.

While the original recalls the best of ’90s hip hop beats (despite its 2001 release), Mainframe Bird’s electronic cover revamps Nate Dogg’s version with new wave synth sounds and melodic, trippy vocals in place of rapping. Cannon’s airy voice against the rolling electronic background riff make for a great down-tempo lay-back track and is a successful nod to the late and great rapper. Listen for yourself below!

MP3: Mainframe Bird – High Come Down (Chico & Coolwadda ft. Nate Dogg cover)

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Check out what’s coming next from Mainframe Bird here.

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  1. Really nice mainframe bird. Where can i get this mainframe bird .Thank You

    Pavan http://www.maintec.com
    Mainframe Technologies

  2. Agreed Pavan! you can download his music at http://www.mainframebird.com

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