Oct 192011

To celebrate the release of their upcoming single, YouTube cover sensation Karmin has released their first cover of a song more than a month or two old. In keeping with the single’s throwback hip-hop sample, the talented duo does their thing on TLC’s “No Scrubs.”

Featuring Amy Heidemann on vocals and Nick Noonan on keys and backing vocals, the pair adds a fun and fitting original rap verse to the 1999 hit. Karmin continues to make the most of 2011, also recently doing a Nicki Minaj cover with Questlove and Owen Biddle of The Roots. Watch the video and download the MP3 of the catchy “No Scrubs” below.

Karmin – No Scrubs (TLC cover)


Check out more from Karmin at their websiteMySpace, and Twitter.

  2 Responses to “Karmin Puts Simple Pop Spin on TLC’s “No Scrubs””

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  1. I like the pop version of this song. Both Amy and Nick have a lot of talent, but they didn’t capture the soul feel that the original song has going on, which makes it so great (granted its tough to do with only a 2 piece band). Other than that it is a very fun rendition.

  2. So talented! Loving their new original track, “Crash Your Party,” definitely a must-listen!


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