Oct 202011

You’re not seeing double. The indie pop-rock duo, HelenaMaria, is comprised of identical twins Helena and Maria Mehalis. The two recently covered Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” for the Gaga edition of Perez Hilton’s Can You Sing??? contest. Recent winners of the contest were signed to Ellen DeGeneres’ record label, and with chops like these, HelenaMaria may be headed that direction.

Despite being identical twins, Helena plays with her right hand and Maria plays with her left, creating a somewhat eerie mirror effect in the video. The sisters take turns singing verses and harmonize on the infectious hook. The result is a knockout acoustic cover of Born This Way‘s opener. When you fall in love with the cover, be sure to tweet your vote at Perez to let him know.

HelenaMaria – Marry the Night (Lady Gaga cover)

HelenaMaria have many more cover videos up on their official website.

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  1. I’m gonna marry this song.

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