Oct 182011

Last week, William Shatner covered Duran Duran’s “Planet Earth.” Keeping the theme of earth-themed Le Bon & Co. songs, Brooklyn electro-rocker Cassettes Won’t Listen (Jason Drake) delivers a take on “Ordinary World.” His take flirts with chillwave and ambient, without losing the memorable melody (and a dreamy guitar solo).

The release is the first on Drake’s new label Daylight Curfew. In the past he’s tackled songs by the Cure and INXS, so hopefully the new label gives him the freedom to pump out even more ‘80s covers. Listen to “Ordinary World” below, then download it at iTunes (and go here to download his Matt & Kim cover).

Cassettes Won’t Listen – Ordinary World (Duran Duran cover)

Check out more Cassettes Won’t Listen at his website.

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