Oct 182011

Frank Ocean may not be a huge R&B superstar now, but he likely will be soon. In addition to his recent collaboration with Jay-Z and Kanye West, Ocean’s got his budding solo career to brag about. This past May, he released “Novacane,” the lead single off his debut EP, Nostalgia, LITE. It’s a prime example of smooth R&B, especially with its head-bob-worthy beat and Ocean’s easy voice. But DJ and electronica soul musician Joyride shows us “Novacane” sounds just as good as a simple acoustic track.

Joyride’s deep, full-bodied voice carries the melody well over his lively acoustic arrangement of “Novacane,” which he recorded live on Stolen Records, a Sydney hip hop radio show. Joyride himself hails far from us in the land down under, but he gives an up-close-and-personal performance that will leave any listener far from numb. Watch/download for yourself below.

Joyride – Novacane (Frank Ocean cover)


Check out more from Joyride on his MySpace.

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