Sep 302011

U2’s been around for more years than we can count, and in all the time they’ve been making music, it’s no surprise that they’ve inspired artists around the world. One such artist, Yuzima, channeled his inner U2 while creating his newest EP, Glasnost. As a special thank you, the New York indie rock artist covered U2’s “Mysterious Ways,” a single released almost 20 years ago off of one of their best-known albums, Achtung Baby.

The original’s strong bass riff, distorted guitars, and conga drum rhythm make it a timeless and easy song for Yuzima to transform. He keeps many of the same elements in his version but softens them up a bit, highlighting the vocals in the verses, turning up the guitars in the chorus, and dropping the heavy bass. The layers of instrumentation aren’t as clear-cut as in the original, but the meshed music he makes gives the cover a fuller indie vibe. Listen for yourself below!

Yuzima – Mysterious Ways (U2 cover)

Check out more from Yuzima on his Myspace.

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