Sep 162011

Since Justin Vernon released For Emma, Forever Ago as Bon Iver in 2007, his material has been re-interpreted and rehashed by scores of talented cover artists. In anticipation of a split EP in which each artist will cover two of the other’s songs, London musicians Luke Leighfield and Jose (née Jospehine) Vanders recently released a version of “Blindsided” as their own contribution to the canon of Bon Iver covers.

The cover puts Jose in the spotlight on lead vocals with Luke singing backup and playing piano. The duo also fills out the arrangement with some swelling, layered cello parts, capturing some of the more complex production elements of the original. While Vernon’s original recording is one of the most sparse and introspective tracks on the album, the approachable vocals and piano-ballad feel of the cover give it a little bit more energy and mass-appeal. They also present the lyrics more clearly and audibly than Vernon, which highlights the sadness and mystery of the song. Watch the video, and download the track below.

Luke Leighfield and Jose Vanders – Blindsided (Bon Iver cover)


Check out Luke and Jose’s collaboration (and tour dates) on their website.

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  1. Liked this one so much I downloaded it twice– once from their Bandcamp page at work, then I forgot and just downloaded it again.

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