Sep 062011

Ryan Adams is a surprisingly tough dude to cover. His songs are simple enough, and yet there’s something inescapable about his sound. “When the Stars Go Blue” has had so many high-profile covers that a lot of people don’t even know it’s a Ryan Adams song, and still, other versions never seem to capture nor escape that quintessential sound of the original.

As difficult a task as it is, Rosi Golan approached that ideal of a Ryan Adams cover with her soft, acoustic take on Easy Tiger‘s “Two” for the Voice Project. Of the song, she says that Adams puts “something that can be very complicated in a very simple way,” and she manages to capture all of that complication along with the simplicity. Golan’s bio on her website describes her songwriting as a storm or an unyielding weather system; if that’s the case, then her cover is more like a light rain – a soft patter on the roof, with all the same emotional force. Adams is tough to cover, but Golan does the job nicely.

Rosi Golan – Two (Ryan Adams Cover)

Check out more from Rosi Golan at her website and Myspace.

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