Sep 012011

Kermit may have some skills on the banjo, but no Muppet rocks harder than Animal. So it’s only fitting that he represented the entire plush puppet crew on the Tonight Show last night with OK Go. The Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem drummer freaks out Keith Moon-style, pounding away on a fun pastel-colored take on the Muppet Show theme song (which also got a great music video).

OK Go and Animal have met before in a viral-video staring contest and the combo proves just as dynamic onstage. If Animal upstages the band, they’re glad to have him do it. Watch OK Go and Animal perform the Muppet Show theme song below (non-US users can check it out here), off the new Muppets tribute album, below.

Buy ‘Muppets: The Green Album’ on iTunes or Amazon.

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