Sep 122011

Earlier this year, longtime Mars Volta keyboardist Isaiah “Ikey” Owens left the band. There was no official announcement or reason given; he just stopped appearing onstage. One reason might be that in the past year he has ramped things up with his formerly-dormant side project Free Moral Agents. The band released their second album Control This last year and now it has a new music video, for their rollicking cover of Sonic Youth’s “Little Trouble Girl.”

The Kim Deal-featuring original was all quiet menace and came accompanied by a creepy bald-alien music video. Free Moral Agents’ video version is a lot more alive. A house party is in full swing as guitars shred and singer Mendee Ichikawa croons and shrieks in turns. It’s a couple month old, but worth catching up on regardless. Check out “Little Trouble Girl” below.

Free Moral Agents – Little Trouble Girl (Sonic Youth cover)

Check out more Free Moral Agents at their website or Myspace.

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