Sep 262011

Coldplay paid tribute to Amy Winehouse when she passed, so when R.E.M. – a slightly more obvious influence – bid us adieu, a Chris Martin and co. tribute was inevitable. And here it is. At Saturday night’s Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta (not too far from R.E.M.’s hometown of Athens), the band covered “Everybody Hurts.”

An obvious choice, sure, but one that fits perfectly inside Coldplay’s wheelhouse. “One of our favorite bands of all time, R.E.M., for some crazy reason have finished, and it’s sad,” Martin said, every bit the hurt fanboy. “So with the most respect in the world… this is just to show how much they meant to us.”

Coldplay – Everybody Hurts (R.E.M. cover)

Check out more Coldplay at their website.

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  1. Here’s a far more beautiful version, ….musically AND figuratively. Enjoy !

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