Aug 292011

Saturday night’s Reading Festival featured an enviable pair of headliners: a reunited Pulp and a reinvigorated Strokes. Pulp finished their set, but frontman Jarvis Cocker didn’t stray far; he joined the Strokes soon after for a cover of (speaking of reunited) the Cars on “Just What I Needed.”

Despite a shaky start by Julian Casablancas, the performance grows into a feel-good blast of sloppy fun. Casablancas and Cocker goof around with one another on what appears to be a little-rehearsed performance. Reading often gets these unexpected collaborations (see also: Queen’s Brian May joining My Chemical Romance) and this one’s about as random as any. Watch the BBC video below.

The Strokes & Jarvis Cocker – Just What I Needed (The Cars cover)

Check out more Strokes at their website.

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