Aug 172011

Richard Buckner’s spare alt-country ballads remind many people of Townes Van Zandt. When NPR posted a “First Listen” to his new album, they mentioned Van Zandt in the second sentence. Buckner’s Wikipedia page waits a little longer…till Sentence #4. It would seem this association is no music-writer fantasy. In his new cover of “Still Looking for You,” Buckner channels Townes so thoroughly you’d swear you were looking at a warts-and-all reincarnation of the man.

This beautiful video was filmed during Merge Record’s 20th anniversary party two years ago, but just released now. Buckner’s weathered voice delivers each line with a lifetime’s work of heartbreak. Watch it below.

Richard Buckner – Still Looking for You (Townes Van Zandt cover)

Check out more Richard Buckner at his website.

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