Aug 182011

The girls of Azure Ray excel at folksy wistfulness and dreamy nostalgia. Their pitch-perfect harmonies and fragile melodies make their songs perfect falling asleep or spacing out music. “Trees Keep Growing,” off their 2002 album Burn & Shine, is an excellent example. Or, it was. Cursive frontman Tim Kasher’s crashing new cover will keep you very much awake.

Kasher recorded the cover for Bigamy: More Songs From the Monogamy Sessions, the follow-up EP to his 2010 album The Game of Monogamy. The knockout performance finds him yelping and stomping through a stop-start rhythm and a whole lot more noise than Azure Ray songs are used to. The song stands up beautifully amidst the gale though. Stream it below.

Tim Kasher – Trees Keep Growing (Azure Ray cover)

Buy ‘Bigamy’ and ‘The Game of Monogomy’ together on iTunes or Amazon.

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