Aug 242011

This week’s A.V. Undercover episode brings Canadian singer-songwriter and autoharp enthusiast Basia Bulat into the round room to perform her take on “Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone” by indie-punk outfit Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. Bulat trades in her usual mellow sound for an old, warm-sounding electric archtop and a silverface Fender amp — a setup that isn’t too different from what Leo plays in his solo concerts.

For a folkie, Bulat channels the loose, jangly punk feel of this song impressively, gliding through the intro riff without much trouble at all and pounding out the power chords without reservation. She also jazzes up the usually talk-singy vocal part a little bit with her smooth croon. Watch the video below.

Check out more from Basia on her website.

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  1. I cannot find this video anywhere :(

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