Jul 062011

Count on Xiu Xiu to drastically reinvent a song that has already seen tons of covers. Well, on their new 7” the San Jose duo deconstruct Rihanna’s hit “Only Girl (in the World)” to a surging art-funk groove and the result is perversely stunning.

Unlike some of Xiu Xiu’s really weird covers, “Only Girl” remains recognizable. That, however, is about as far as the similarity to the original #1 hit goes. It’s a dirty, string-drenched bouncer that features Jamie Stewart’s unblinkingly sincere singing. They even toss in a line from Detroit Grand Pubah’s “Sandwiches” that, in context, adds a hilarious twist. Stream Xiu Xiu’s “Only Girl” below.

Xiu Xiu – Only Girl (in the World) (Rihanna cover)

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