Jul 262011

Last we heard from Matt Nathanson, he was covering the Mountain Goats. A good tune, but hardly a stretch for the Massachusetts songwriter. Taking on Prince’s “Little Red Corvette,” though, shows a much bigger leap…and delivers a much bigger payoff. Armed with only two acoustic guitars, he and bandmate Aaron Tap strum along for a delicate strip-down of the funk classic.

In his A.V. Club performance, Nathanson earns bonus points for having the best pre-performance interview so far. When revealing his decision not to cover “The Power of Love,” he said, “I don’t want to do Huey Lewis because I’m already in a genre where people make fun of me. If somebody hip does a Huey Lewis tune, it works, but if I do one…”

Watch the unhip Matt Nathanson cover the hip Prince below.

Matt Nathanson – Little Red Corvette (Prince cover)

Check out more from Matt Nathanson at his website or Myspace.

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