Jul 282011

Dream-pop duo Beach House’s “Zebra” has been something of a favorite on the music blogosphere since its release last year. It has inspired a number of covers, most recently by Brooklyn-based indie rock group Wakey!Wakey!. Despite the band’s lively name, Cover Me favorites Wakey!Wakey! deliver a sleepier version of the song that really allows for Michael Grubbs’ vocals to shine.

Wakey!Wakey! recently covered the tune along with their feel-good song “Light Outside” for Radio Hamburg. While their original is a good pick-me-up, their version of “Zebra” falls a bit more on the harrowing end of the spectrum. Grubbs and co. manage to capture the yearn of the lyrics in their own manner. Check it out below, then download a dozen more covers by Wakey!Wakey! here.

Wakey! Wakey! – Zebra (Beach House cover)

Be sure to check out more Wakey!Wakey! on their website.

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