Jul 052011

Since the release of Adele‘s album 21 in February, hundreds, if not thousands, of covers have been released. While most of them haven’t come close to capturing the raw emotion of Adele’s tracks, there have been some interesting takes on her tracks of heartbreak and betrayal (one of my favorites has been Jamie Woon’s “Someone Like You”). Now Jackson Harris has released his take of a lover scorned by releasing a video of Adele’s smash ‘Rolling in the Deep’.

New York city singer/songwriter Jackson Harris made a name for himself a year or so ago with his cover of Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind.” With his model-esque looks and Upper East Side upbringing, Harris looks like he stumbled right off of the set of a CW show. But covering Adele’s most well known song to date, Harris shows a strength and a power in his voice that his other music doesn’t reveal. The song exposes a voice that has depth and shows that maybe where Harris belongs in New York City is actually not the Upper East Side, but rather on Broadway. Check it out below.

Jackson Harris – Rolling in the Deep (Adele cover)

For more about Jackson Harris, check out his website.

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  1. Love this and his other Jay-Z cover!!!!

  2. Nice one!
    I discovered your website with his Jay Z cover, and I discovered him at the same time. I was so impressed by his first cover that I went to his site, and was a bit disappointed ….

  3. This cover is atrocious… The music video has no substance at all, and his voice is annoying and unfriendly. Wrong way to cover Adele’s brilliant song…

  4. Jackson does something different than many young singers today…he takes risks. I love his empire cover and i LOVE his adele cover… people are so harsh…and i love the video …it feels very home made and not like glossy million dollar video that bieber would have

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