Jul 132011

In a recent On the ‘Tube segment, we featured comedian and musician Brett Domino aka Rob J. Madin and turned you on to this Internet sensation with his viral videos covering popular hit songs. This time, instead of using one of the usual odd instruments like the keytar, stylophone, ukulele, theremin, recorder, or accordion that Domino has been know to use, we get a fun cover on the Skoog. The Skoog is a new instrument created by Skoogmusic and it’s pretty amazing. You play the Skoog by physically interacting with it. By pressing, squeezing, rubbing, stroking, tilting or manipulating the Skoog in different ways, you can control the different instrument sounds. The Skoog uses physical modeling, and not just sampling, midi or wavetables – variations in your touch directly affect the sound you produce. Every subtle gesture you make is converted into musical sound.

This instrument makes for a pretty incredible and unique cover version of “Hey Ya!,” the hit song song by André 3000 on his 2003 album The Love Below, part of the hip hop duo OutKast‘s double album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Domino is joined by one of the regular members of the Brett Domino Trio, Steven Peavis, on Skoog and vocals as well. Watch the video below and check out the fun you can have with a Skoog.

Brett Domino – Hey Ya! (Outkast cover)

Get more information on Brett Domino on his website.

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