Jun 272011

Billboard’s Mashup Mondays series has a way of extracting gems from artists we wouldn’t normally pay much attention to. Just last week Jeremih (of “Birthday Sex” fame) delivered a surprisingly soulful version of Adele’s “Rumour Has It.” Now, longtime pop-punkers Yellowcard have their way with Katy Perry’s latest earworm “E.T.” The cover succeeds because of the one thing that always made Yellowcard stand out from their Warped Tour peers: that violin.

“There’s a hook that goes through the whole song that’s a really staccato synth part and having Sean [Mackin] playing violin was a really cool way to have that part in an acoustic setting,” frontman Sean O’Donnell told Billboard. “We used the guitar and the violin to really emulate it and do an octave higher and an octave lower, which is how they do it on the record.”

Thankfully, they skip the Kanye West verses. Check it out below (via Billboard).

Yellowcard – E.T. (Katy Perry cover)

Check out more Yellowcard at their website or MySpace.

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